Waterville Valley Elementary School has a very active PE Program.  We like to take advantage of our beautiful surroundings.

Wendy Dropkin

 I have been a resident of Waterville Valley for 23 years, teaching at Waterville Valley Academy, PSU, and Franklin Middle School. I hold a B.S. in PE/Recreation/Business. I am a  American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor Trainer, Lifeguard Instructor, CPR/AED/First Aid Instructor and a

L.E.A.D.(Law Enforcement Against Drugs and Violence) Instructor K-8

I am an outdoor enthusiast, enjoying skiing, swimming, biking and hiking. I have also coached soccer, softball, swimming and developed  volleyball and softball leagues.  I am happiest while exercising outdoors.  I hope to bring my passion and knowledge of sports and the outdoors to the students of WVES.

I believe that learning the skills needed to play and compete is instrumental to the development of a child and will be a life long skill. 

We will have fun in this class, playing, working hard and laughing.  

K – 2 (Primary) SKILL BASED

In order to participate in a variety of physical activities, the students need to learn basic skills (personal space/body awareness) and movement patterns. The more basic skills they master, the more active choices they will have.

3 – 5 (Intermediate) TEAMWORK & SPORTSMANSHIP

Besides learning skill and health related material, the students will learn the rules of sport and how to effectively communicate and work together to achieve success.


At this level we will focus on health related fitness concepts and team/individual game strategies.

Parents and/or guardians will always be the foundation for the success and progress of student achievement. Healthy active examples must be taught and viewed at home and reinforced within the teaching environment to ensure positive growth. 

BIKING: In the Fall, students will bike around town, weather permitting. 

ICE SKATING: As the cold weather creeps in, students will go to the WV Ice Arena for Ice Skating. 

When we return from our Winter Recess in December, we begin our Winter Programs.  

XC Skiing:  The students will enjoy XC Skiing on the trails in and around Town Square.

Skiing & Snowboarding: Students will enjoy the afternoon at Waterville Valley Ski Resort.  

Tennis: In the Spring, as the snow starts to melt, the students learn and play tennis.