Waterville Valley Elementary School has a very active PE Program. We like to take advantage of our beautiful surroundings.

BIKING: In the Fall, students will bike around town on Mondays and Wednesdays, weather permitting.

ICE SKATING: As the cold weather creeps in, students will learn fun games in the gym on Mondays and Ice Skate at the WV Skating Rink on Wednesdays.

When we return from our Winter Recess in December, we begin our Winter Programs.

XC Skiing: On Mondays, the students will enjoy XC Skiing on the trails in and around Town Square.

Skiing & Snowboarding: On Wednesdays, the students will enjoy the afternoon at Waterville Valley Ski Resort.

Tennis: In the Spring, as the snow starts to melt, the students learn and play tennis. Tennis takes place on Mondays.

Swimming: After the Winter Program, the students will learn and play swimming games at the Athletic Club on Wednesdays.